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We offer 2 options regarding Permits for Portable Signs

1. Ask for Forgiveness- This is the most popular route for getting a temporary sign. We place the sign and hope no one asks us to pick it up early- this has been the "go to" route especially as of the past 2 years because MOST areas have not been enforcing permits due to COVID-19. This USUALLY allows customers to have the sign longer, draws less attention to their business from their municipality, and saves them money in permit costs. We are happy to go this route for signs but also can NOT offer any refunds or credits if the sign must be picked up early. 

2. Permit before Placement- This route our customer applies and pays for a permit then lets us know when it is obtained so we can then place the sign for advertisement. We are able to apply for permits for customers in the Grand Rapids area ONLY. As the customer has gotten the permit (typically with a specific amount of time for display) we pick the sign up when the customer asks us to.

We work as closely as possible with multiple municipalities regarding sizing, placement, and permission for portable signs. Ordinances change depending on your area and we have lots of information on the regulations in the west michigan area. If you have questions or would like to know more details about permits please just email us for info!
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